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Welcome to My Couples Counseling Therapy
Within these pages, you will be able to obtain a well-rounded perspective of me as a therapist and professional in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy therapist, I specialize in couples therapy, premarital counseling and divorce therapy. This ranges from premarital counseling all the way to divorce therapy. In addition, I work with individual to help them reach their fullest potential and live the life they deserve. Relationships are unavoidable. No matter where we go or how we live, we are always meeting new people and/or trying to sustain current relationships. My work is focused on creating secure connections to others that help us feel safe and protect us from loneliness, depression, sadness, anxiety and isolation.

Donít live another day of your life feeling as if your relationships are out of your control. Worrying that at any time, your partner could leave you, that your children will push away from you, or that your friends will begin to cut you out of fun activities is painful and anxiety producing. Gain empowerment by working through marriage counseling, building parenting skills, learning effective communication skills, managing anxiety better, coping with depression more functionally, and addressing issues of addiction. Take control of your life and unleash the restraints that keep you held down.

I bring to my practice a wealth of experience that has helped me hone my therapeutic skills and techniques to cut to the heart of the matter quickly and provide as much relief in as short of a time as possible. With over 20 years of clinical experience, extensive exposure in the academic world and many valuable personal life experiences, I bring to the counseling experience a well rounded and grounded perspective and presence. I am able to build trust with my clients quickly and make them feel understood and heard.

Additionally, my continued position as an Adjunct Professor at both San Diego State University (SDSU) and Alliant International University (AIU) in both their Masterís and Doctoral Marriage and Family Therapy programs affords me the ability to stay extremely current on the latest research regarding effective mental health modalities and methods. I am currently teaching Couple Therapy, Couples in Therapy, Sex Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy Techniques as well as Therapy Supervision classes throughout the year. My personal Doctoral research focused on the training of new therapists to be more engaged with their clients and bring about positive change more quickly and effectively.

In summary, my therapy is based on the most scientifically tested foundation: the foundation of Attachment Theory. Attachment theory focuses on the innate biological drive that compels us as human beings to connect with others. This innate drive is supported throughout the research in neuroscience and couple therapy. Less than a secure bond with our primary attachment figures is inherently distressing. This distress can propel us into feeling anxiety, depression, isolation, loss, grief and fear to name just a few. My marriage counseling and family therapy focuses on creating secure emotional bonds between people. When this security is increased, there is proven evidence that depression dissipates, anxiety is alleviated and loneliness and isolation are no longer scary. Let me help you gain more control over your relationships and your life.