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    Couples Counseling

    As a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor, successful couples therapy consists of creating stronger bonds between the partners. These strong bonds lets the partners know they are the most important person to their partner. That their partner comes first and they will be responded to when needed. My marriage therapy works to strengthen these bonds so that the partners are attainable, responsive and engaged with each other.

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    Individual Therapy

    Personal growth and empowerment are key factors in successful psychotherapy. Creating an environment for one to develop a stronger sense of self is a personal goal of mine as a therapist. As one’s sense of self increase, other aspects of one’s life fall into place. Relief from depression, decrease stress and anxiety, better relationships, stronger more appropriate boundary setting, asking and receiving needs previously unacknowledged are just a few achievable benefits from working with me.

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    Family Counseling

    The family system is dynamic. It is impossible for one person to make a move without the entire system being influenced. It is my goal to structure functional change in the family system in order to promote stable flexibility and personal growth. The needs of many can be achieved and is a goal in my family therapy.

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    Trauma Recovery

    Trauma is perhaps the most missed psychological issue amongst psychotherapists. Often disguised as depression, anxiety, isolation or acting out behavior, trauma is usually overlooked and not dealt with directly. Instead, the symptoms are treated and not their cause. I work to resolve and heal from powerful traumatic early and recent experiences. Getting to the core issue and healing from their devastating impact is of the utmost importance in my work.

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    Issues and Focus

    Couple Dynamics, Family Interactions, Personal Growth, Depression, Addictions, Sexuality Concerns, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma Recovery, Improved Communication, Boundary Setting, Workplace Issues, Life Transitions, Attachment Concerns, Parenting Issues are just a few central issues I focus on in my practice.

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    As a certified EFT Trainer, I travel all over North America training other therapist on how to successfully use EFT with their clients. Additionally, I provide personalized consultation as well as run consultation groups.