Trainings and Consultation in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

As a certified EFT Trainer, I travel all over North America training other therapist on how to successfully use EFT with their clients. Additionally, I provide personalized consultation as well as run consultation groups.

Training and consultation has become a big part of my professional career. Being able to successfully apply EFT with couples and experience the tremendous positive growth in relationship satisfaction as been primary motivator in my desire to spread the EFT modality to other therapists.

Nothing transforms a couple’s relationship like EFT. I am pleased to have achieved mastery of this process and been deemed competent and capable by Dr. Sue Johnson herself (co-creator of EFT) to teach her model.

Since this model was created by watching videos and videos of couples in the therapeutic process, it is my process to watch therapists learning this model work with their couples. I require video of live sessions to actually see what a therapist is doing with their couples and how they are applying EFT. Personally, I would not trust the work of a therapist that does not show their work to other professionals. Successful therapists do not work in isolation.

They are a part of a community of learning and are constantly working to improve their skills and effectiveness. That is my goal as a trainer…to improve the skills and effectiveness of those I consult with.